Serving the community by providing the basic necessities of life to the less fortunate

Our Staff

Zia Qureshi
President– Zia is currently the Associate Director of Student Financial Services at California State University, Fullerton which is one of the largest universities in California. As an Associate Director, he manages the day to day activity of the Cashier’s Office, Student Accounts and the Student Contact Center. He is responsible for all cash receipts, student disbursements and auditing all satellite cashiering locations for state support and self support organizations. He is charged with developing policy, procedures and strategy to properly handle the current budget situation along with steady increase in student population for the campus. In addition to his professional career, Zia is a co-founder of Halal Project, a non-profit organization in North Los Angeles County. The impetus for establishing Halal Project was to provide meals to the homeless population in Los Angeles. Zia received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and resides in San Fernando Valley.

Ambreen Tahira
Secretary– Ambreen serves as the secretary for Halal Project. She joined Halal Project in 2011 as a volunteer and has been a part of the organization ever since. Ambreen has received a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Irvine, and is currently in the process of earning her master’s in Chemistry at CSULB. Aside from working at Dexter and taking care of the secretarial logistics of Halal Project, she spends her time reading, hiking, and taking part in community events.

Nouran Felo
Treasurer– Nouran serves as the treasurer for Halal Project. She joined Halal Project in 2013 as a volunteer and has been part of the organization ever since. Nouran has received a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from UCLA, and is working towards a doctorate in medicine. Currently she is interning in a lab at Charles Drew University in Los Angeles. She manages the financial aspects in Halal Project, as well as recruitment of volunteers. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with family.

Mufti Ibrahim Qureshi
Mufti, Director of Religious Affairs– Mufti Ibrahim was born in Chicago, but raised here in the San Fernando Valley. From his childhood he has immersed himself in higher Islamic education. Memorizing the entire Quran by the age of 16 & when this still didn’t quench his thirst for the Islamic sciences, he then set off to the U.K. where he studied in Darul-Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiya and received his B.A. in Islamic Theology as well as completing his Thakhassus in Fiqh (Specializing in Islamic Jurisprudence). Currently he is the Founder and principal of Al-Kauthar Academy for Tahfeezhul Quran and Academic studies. He also holds weekly Quranic exegesis classes at the academy which are open and free to the public and weekly sermons in the Islamic Center Northridge. He is also the lead Islamic educator in both Islamic Center Northridge and Van Nuys Islamic Center.

Kamran Qaiser
Logistical Support– Kamran has been a consistent volunteer with Halal Project since it’s grassroots levels. His consistency and eagerness to be a part of the community drew him to join Halal Project’s board in 2014. Kamran serves as the Logistics Manager where his responsibilities include planning, strategizing, and organizing events. Aside from his role in the organization, Kamran is self employed as an aircraft maintenance technician. Kamran currently lives with his wife in the San Fernando Valley.

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